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Saffron represents purity and the restaurants lives up to the name. Saffron's restaurant in Fujairah boasts to be the traditional and original consign for an authentic vegetarian menu that strikes an uncanny resemblance to the restaurants found in South India. The authentic recipes here are reminiscence of the Indian victuals and the desi curries. The decor bright, the clentele a mix of Indian & European and the unsually long selection of vegetarian dishes, Saffron's is the desired for the herbivores of the UAE. Saffron's render a fresh and home made feel to every dish and the Indian curries are hard to miss in fairness. Saffron's restaurant is a diamond in the rough.

Cuisine :South Indian Vegetarian.
Contact :971-9-2227752
Address :Fujairah


   Tel:  971-9-2227752