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Grano Coffee

Grano Coffee was established with a simple mission - to serve the finest coffee in the most comfortable surroundings. The company has developed a unique and stylish ambience for its customers, with comfortable sofas, appetizing snacks, an extensive coffee menu and wireless internet facilities for who wish to surf while they relax. It is a formula which proved an immediate success, and has grown from strength to strength since its inception in 1997. The company is absolutely committed to providing the finest coffee available anywhere, using the finest Arabica beans, freshly roasted and ground, and then freshly brewed for every cup. We are proud of the unique Grano blend, which has proved extremely popular. Grano Coffee opened its doors to customers on 7 February, 2002. Since then, the name has become synonymous with outstanding beverages and a superb atmosphere. Grano Coffee's wide variety of drinks, salads and sandwiches has something to appeal to everyone's taste buds. The classy but comfortable interior is a perfect place to relax on your own, or in the company of friends or family. Wireless internet access lets you stay in touch from the comfort of your seat. All of the above make Grano Coffee the perfect place for the coffee lovers who enjoy not just what they drink, but how they drink it too!

Cuisine :Cafe, Coffee Shop.
Contact :971-6-7313200
Address :Service Station No. 797, ADNOC, Al Talla


Grano, ADNOC    Tel:  971-6-7313200